We will be presenting a selection of works by Stephen Anthony Davids throughout April - June.

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Title: Man like ...
Size: 29cm x 42cm
Medium: Crayon and tea on original ledger sheet (circa: 1881)


Title: Black man in a red cap
Size: 32cm x 48cm x 7cm
Medium: Oil on Crate (with rusty nails)


'I am a Freeman'
Size: 170cm x 170cm 

"Inspired by the event of BLM and my continued plight of feeling ostracised and alienated as a black artist in an art world that is elitist and classist. I saw parallels of a free slave riding to his freedom on a white horse surrounded by his oppressions. The journey starts on the slave ship, which in the painting is a metaphor for the world in which I exist as an artist navigating an abyss of obstacles striving for freedom and self expression."

"'I am a Freeman' is a sentiment of a period of the 21st century that will be written in history books as a time that forced us as a people to look within. Covid -19, the events that happened alongside that have accumulated in making 2020 a year of mammoth global trauma and self reflection" S A D

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